How do I contact a support representative if I have questions?
Technical / Support Line:  855-300-1490
Email: TechnicalSupport@LittleImplantCo.com
Customer Care Line: 855-263-5539
Email: CustomerCare@LittleImplantCo.com
How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed by phone or online:
Phone: 855.263.5539
Online: www.LittleImplantCo.com
Customer Service is available Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Overnight and other express delivery options are available.
Express delivery orders must be placed before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time to be delivered on time.
How do I access my account online to order supplies?
1. www.littleimplantco.com
2. Click ‘My Account’ in the upper left-hand corner.
3. Enter your e-mail and password.
4. If you haven’t created an account, you can create a free online account and start placing orders immediately.
What is your return policy?
Product must be returned or exchanged within 45 days from the date of shipment. Product must be unopened and in its original packaging. 15% restocking fee will apply. Customer is responsible for cost of return shipping. Please contact us at 855.263.5539 for a Return Authorization number.

Credits/refunds will be issued after the product has been received and inspected by Little Implant Co.

Send returns to:
Little Implant Co.
Attn: Customer Service
150 Baker Ave. Extension, Ste. 110
Concord, MA, 01742

Has your name changed from OsteoReady to Little Implant Co.?
Yes! OsteoReady’s name has changed to Little Implant Co. Our name has changed, and our focus is even more on the GP now; and, how we better serve you, like the Mentor in a Box program. We are still the Dental Implant Company for the GP. You can read more about us here: LINK TO ABOUT US: https://www.littleimplantco.com/about-us/
Do you still carry the PerformanceTM implant?
Yes, we certainly do and there is no change to that product line.
What is the difference between the PerformanceTM implant and The Marc Nevins® implant?
The Marc Nevins® implant has a unique design to give high primary stability with limited bone compression. The thread size, spacing on the threads, and cutting ability of threads differs from the PerformanceTM implant. The Marc Nevins® implant does not have a carrier to insert the implant into the site. Instead a friction fit implant driver or motor mount can be used to insert the implant into the osteotomy.
Where can I get information about The Marc Nevins® implant?
You can view more information on The Marc Nevins® implant here: https://www.littleimplantco.com/product-solutions/implants-for-the-gp/the-marc-nevins/
Where can I get information about The Pamela Ray® implant?
You can view more information on The Pamela Ray® implant here: https://www.littleimplantco.com/product-solutions/implants-for-the-gp/the-marc-nevins/
When should I use The Pamela Ray® implant?
The Pamela Ray® implant is an adjunctive implant used in special situations. This extra taper design allows you to use this implant in narrow ridges or when there is minimal bone. The narrow apex with ø2mm, The Pamela Ray® allows for high primary stability with limited bone compression.
What is Mentor in a Box®?
Mentor in a Box® is a clinician support system that accompanies each new implant you purchase. Our unique system gives you direct access to an experienced clinician, so your treatment planning questions can be answered by dentists and not sales reps. When you purchase The Marc Nevins® or The Pamela Ray® implant your assigned Mentor will be inside your implant box along with how you can reach them.
Do you have a digital solution?
Yes! You can view more information about our digital solution and workflow here: https://www.littleimplantco.com/digital-workflow/.
In which software can I find Little Implant Co. products?
Library files for CAD/CAM are available for 3Shape, DentalWings, and Exocad.

We are available in the following CBCT software:

  • 3Shape Implant Studio
  • coDiagnostiX
  • Vatech
  • Planmeca
  • Exocad
  • 3Diemme – Europe Only
Do you have any printed materials you can send?
Yes! We have surgical manuals, prosthetic manuals, as well as product catalogs. We would be happy to mail you a copy of what you need with your order or you can download any of these immediately here: https://www.littleimplantco.com/resources-support/product-manuals/
What are the recommended implant motor settings?
Implant Motor Settings for Drilling:
Gear Ratio:20:1
Speed: 400-600RPM
Torque: 45Ncm
Water Flow Pump: 3-4Implant Motor Settings for Placing Implants:
Gear Ratio: 20:1
Speed: 15-20RPM
Torque: 45Ncm
Water Flow Pump: No water

What do the line markings on each drill represent?
How often should I replace my drills?
Although the parallel drills and Multi-Drills® are reusable, there are many factors that may affect wear on the drill (i.e. bone density and composition, the number of autoclave cycle exposures, handling during instrument cleaning, use of irrigation, drilling speed, etc.). Therefore, we recommend replacing the drills after 20 uses, but you may always opt to replace them sooner. Note that it is critical to have sharp cutting drills when creating an osteotomy so that the bone does not overheat. If a drill is dull or does not cut, it should be disposed of and replaced with a new drill. Sharp dental drills also make the preparation of the implant site easier and will help secure correct insertion of the implant.
Can you explain the prosthetic connections for each implant diameter?
With the Little Implant Co™ System, all implant diameters have one prosthetic connection of 3.5mm. With only one connection, the simplified prosthetic procedure is efficient and requires little inventory.
Are the prosthetics the same for The Marc Nevins®, The Pamela Ray®, and PerformanceTM implants?
Yes! All Little Implant Co. implants have the same prosthetic platform. All the prosthetics, including abutments, healing caps, impression copings, etc. have stayed the same and we have even added to our product assortment.
What is the torque value for the prosthetic components?
Healing caps and cover screws: Hand tighten – 15Ncm
Abutments: 30Ncm
Temporary Abutment: Hand tighten – 15Ncm
Multi-Unit Abutment: 15Ncm
Locator® Abutment: 30Ncm
What is the recommended torque value for implant placement?
We recommend not to exceed an implant torque of 45Ncm.
I need some help with my implant motor or handpiece?
Saeshin the Manufacturer of the implant motor and handpiece would be happy to help. You can reach them at 949-825-6925 option 2 or via e-mail at ssa@saeshin.com and they would be happy to assist you. Let them know that you purchased you unit from Little Implant Co.