We’ve Got You Covered

Extensive Resources to Support Your Dental Implant Needs

At Little Implant Co., we’re big believers in extensive educational opportunities. That’s why we offer General Practitioners continuing dental implant education, such as our unique Mentor in a Box® offering, basic courses, advanced courses, live and archived webinars, and live surgery programs.

Why Our Education Makes Sense for Your Practice
Because we’re deliberately small, we can offer a level of products, resources, and support you won’t find with other implant providers:

  • A smarter system. Since we understand a general dentist’s needs, we’ve created a simplified and efficient implant system. With only one prosthetic platform, a simplified surgical kit, Multi-Drill® technology, and the need for less inventory, you can offer cost-effective implants that are a safe and predictable service to patients.
  • Mentor in a Box®. We are the first implant company to have Mentor in a Box®, a clinician support system that accompanies each implant you purchase.

If you have any additional concerns or needs, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care or Technical Support teams for assistance.