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What is the implant price?
We’re currently offering a special introductory price of $97 each for both The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray™ implants

Many people ask how we are able to offer high-quality implants for $97. The answer is in the way we’ve structured our business. You won’t find us at tradeshows, we don’t have sales reps, and we are careful with how we spend our money. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Introductory special offer: Purchase 30 Marc Nevins® and/or Pamela Ray™ implants for $97 each ($2,910 total) and receive a complete surgical and prosthetic kit FREE with your purchase. (Limited time offer)


Do you still carry The Performance™ implant? 
Absolutely! The Performance™ implant can be found HERE.


How are the new implants different from The Performance™ implants?

When developing The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray™ implants, we focused on optimizing the Multi-Drill® protocol and designing the implants with aggressive threading that provides even higher primary stability while limiting bone compression. A few customers have commented on the new implants as having a “great grip to them” and one customer relayed that “the new drills provide such a perfect osteotomy, I can actually feel the bone grabbing around the implant threads when I place the implant.

Other differences customers have noticed:

  • More distinct and uniform depth markings on all Multi-Drills®.
  • An easier to understand, color-coded drilling protocol.
  • A separate prosthetic kit that eliminates the need to get out a surgical kit for restorative appointments.
  • Increased flexibility. The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray™ are not packaged with an implant carrier, resulting in more flexibility when placing the implants. The new implant hex drivers and motor mounts have a built in friction fit apex that makes it possible to use either instrument to initially deliver the implant, and also finish placing it. 


Is the connection of The Pamela Ray and The Marc Nevins® the same as The Performance™?

YesThe Marc Nevins®, The Pamela Ray™, and The Performance™ implants have the same prosthetic platform. This singular connection simplifies case planning and greatly reduces the inventory needed to manage prosthetic components.


Are The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray two separate implant lines?

The Pamela Ray™ and The Marc Nevins® implants can be considered part of the same system. The Pamela Ray™ is available in a 3.85 diameter, and has an extra tapered design that complements The Marc Nevins® system. The Pamela Ray™ is different from The Marc Nevins® 3.85 in its extra tapered design and narrow apex, making it an ideal solution for narrow ridges. Both implants have the same internal connection, thread design, and use the same surgical and prosthetic kits.

The Marc Nevins®

  • 3.85 Diameter: 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 15 mm lengths
  • 4.2 Diameter: 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 15 mm lengths
  • 5.0 Diameter: 7, 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 15 mm lengths
  • 6.0 Diameter: 7, 8, 10, 11.5, and 13 mm lengths

The Pamela Ray™

(Same threading and connection as The Marc Nevins®, but this implant has an extra tapered design and narrow apex that tapers down to 2.0 diameter)

  • 3.85 Diameter: 10, 11.5, 13, and 15 mm lengths


Can I use the new surgical and prosthetic kits with The Performance implant as well?

Yes. Please contact for more information about protocols and how the new kits can be used for The Performance™, The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray™ implants.


Where does Little Implant Co. manufacture The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Rayimplants?

We produce The Marc Nevins® and The Pamela Ray™ implants in France.

Are you ready to succeed in implant dentistry? The Little Implant Co., formerly OsteoReady, can help you get there. Let me tell you how.

We’re a small team of dentists committed to partnering with General Practitioners like you who want to grow their practices with implants. We changed the name of the company to better reflect who we are and where we’re going, and as the CEO, I’m proud to offer GPs a unique clinical support system as well as high-quality, value-priced implant solutions. We recently introduced two exciting new implants that won’t break the bank yet offer the reliable performance you expect and your patients deserve: the Marc Nevins, a complete one platform solution featuring high primary stability that can be used in almost any situation, and The Pamela Ray, an extra tapered implant that is specifically designed for narrow spaces.

Our goal is to give you great value in product, education and mentoring—and when it comes to mentoring, no other manufacturer even comes close to what we offer with our Mentor in a Box™ program. Through this one-of-a-kind support system, you gain access to a designated mentor from our team of experienced, successful clinicians. The best part? This program is included with every Marc Nevins and Pamela Ray implant you purchase.

At the Little Implant Co., we like to keep things simple. We’re not about the frills so many other implant companies focus on. Why? Dentists are smart, value-oriented consumers who are well aware they’ll have to pass the costs associated with those extras onto their patients. We know you don’t want to do that, so you won’t see us displaying fancy booths at tradeshows or putting together CE courses on a cruise ship.

We may be small, but we have a lot to offer GPs—and we want you to benefit from our solutions and our knowledge. We’re excited about what our new implant design and surgical kit, which features our easy-to-use Multi-Drill™ protocol, offers GPs in terms of quality and price. In fact, our implants are so good we believe periodontists and oral surgeons will use them, but our commitment remains to you, the GP who is ready to succeed with implants. To that end, we also offer top-notch education and mentoring you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to partnering with you and helping you achieve great things in implant dentistry.