About Us

We’re a little company focused on expanding your dental implant practice with the highest quality products at exceptional value.

Our company is owned by clinicians – not banks, not Wall Street institutional investors, not dental distribution companies – just clinicians. This company’s mission is defined so that “its products, its educational materials, its advanced mentoring programs are all about empowering General Practitioners to undertake successful implant procedures.”

We’re not about frills because we know that dentists are smart, value-oriented consumers who are well aware that if they pay for the frills they have to pass those costs onto their patients.

We have designed our new implant ourselves. Our new implants are manufactured in France by a superb family owned business; also a little company.

We are the first implant company to have Mentor in a Box® a clinician support system that accompanies each implant you purchase. What do we charge you for this access to leading clinicians who, like you, are 100% committed to patient treatment? Nothing. Zero. It’s free. Why? Because we want to earn your loyalty one implant at a time.

We offer a new implant design, a new surgical kit with an easy-to-use Multi-Drill® protocol, and education and mentoring that are all about the General Practitioner. We believe periodontists and oral surgeons will start using our implants but, first and foremost, our commitment is to you, the General Practitioner.  We’re about offering you great value in product, education, and mentoring. So…

  • No Booths at dental shows. We both know their cost is added into the cost of your implant.
  • No Bundled packages where you are enticed to buy hundreds of implants at ridiculously high price points so you can get a supposedly “free” scanner.
  • No Annual extravaganzas for our customers. Want a vacation? Take a vacation.
  • No Wall Street analysts and public shareholders to define our success as a company every fiscal quarter, based on what we got you to buy.
  • No Sales reps coming to your office. You need something from us? Call. Email. Text. We are here to support your successful patient care.  We keep prices low because we are a direct sale company.

Our success is judged by how you feel about our new implants, our new educational programs, our new Mentor in a Box® support system, and how your patients feel about the quality and cost of your care.

What we insist on offering you:

  • A new implant designed for you with HIGH PRIMARY STABILITY.
  • A new simplified Multi-Drill® protocol that has what you need not what a company needs to sell to you.
  • A new Mentor in a Box® system that gives you direct access to an experienced clinician, so your treatment planning questions can be answered by dentists and not sales reps.
  • A new series of educational offerings that you can easily access.
  • A new research and design team that uses global Key Opinion Leaders to help guide the development of our products for you.
  • A cost effective, easy to use implant system that is designed for you, the GP.

We’re a little company. We’re a company whose success you can be proud to support, because we are clinicians just like you.