Implants for the General Practitioner

Developed by dentists for general practitioners. All new implants have a unique design and are manufactured in France. Whether you’re a GP who has never placed implants before or you perform hundreds a year, our mission is to support you every step of the way.

The Marc Nevins®

The unique design provides high primary stability with limited bone compression.

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The Pamela Ray®

The narrow apex and tapered design is ideal for areas with thin crestal bone.

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The PerformanceTM implant has a classic design with an internal hexagon connection.

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Mentor in a Box®

Education and support are key areas we focus on. We now offer
Mentor-in-a-Box®, a unique clinical support system that accompanies each implant you purchase.

Dr. Tony Feck Lexington, KY

Dr. Gary Imm Westminster, MD

Dr. David Little San Antonio, TX

Dr. Pamela Ray San Antonio, TX

Mentor-in-a-Box® Education Instructional Videos

Efficiency & Value

We’re focused on expanding your dental implant practice with the highest quality product at an exceptional value.

Multi-Drill® Technology

The Multi-Drill® protocol allows for a simplified drilling sequence that requires only 2 drills for each implant.

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One Prosthetic Platform

A wide variety of prosthetic options are available, all with the same internal connection.

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Optimal Workflow

A straightforward drilling protocol and singular connection allows for a compact surgical kit, with fewer components and an efficient workflow.

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